Physics Lab Equipment

Physics Lab Equipment

We are one of the widely recognized Physics Laboratory Equipment Manufacturers. Our Scientific Physics Laboratory Equipment renders precise measurement and information. Products served by us are the blend of technical expertise and experience. The Physics Lab Equipment is intended to provide convenience to all its users. We offer huge range of Physics Laboratory Equipment such as Spectrometer, Vernier Calliper, Micrometer Screw Gauge, Lens Mirror Prism, Rheostat, Tuning Forks, Stop Clock, Transistor Characteristic Apparatus, Resistance Box, and many more. We provide quality laboratory equipment at most reasonable prices.

Product Details

A.C. Moving Coil Meters Accessories For Optical Bench
Accessories For Use With Pasw Spectrometers Accessories Of Industrial Kelvin Bridge
Analog And Digital Multimeters Analog/Digital Test & Measuring Instruments
Application For Photo Cells & Solar Cells Astronomical And Terrestrial Telescope
Ballistic Galvanometer Battery Charger & Step Down Transformer
Battery Eliminators Bi-Prism Assembly
Cathetometer Cell & Accessories
Characteristics Of Devices (Solid-State) Characteristics Of Devices (Value Version)
Co-Ordinate Measuring Microscope (Cm-21) Coloured Flim Strips
Crompton Potentiometer Decade Resistance Box
Decade Resistance Box Channel-In-Channel Style Different Type Of Electronic Experiments
Different Type Of Four Arm Bridge Different Types Of E/M Apparatus
Different Types Of Pulleys Different Types Of Theorems & Educational Boards
Digital Ic Tester Digital Trainer Kit
Dimmerstrate/Variac/Auto Transformer Direct Reading Resistance Bridge
Elasticity Of Stretching-Young's Modulus Electronic Training Boards Based On Digital Electronics
Electrostatics Engines
Epidiascope Film Slide Projectors
Fixed And Decade Condenser Boxes Fixed And Decade Inductance Boxes
Flash Light Comparator Fluid Mechanics
Galvanometers, General Purpose Decade Resistance Boxes General Purpose Power Supplies
Geometrical Model And Figure Heat, Industrial Kelvin Double Bridge
High Voltage Discharge Tube Generator Hysteresis Loop Tracer
Induction Coils Keys And Commutators
Kohlrausch Conductivity Bridge Lamp And Scale Arrangement
Lcr Circuits Leads And Termination
Lenses Lummer Brodhum Photometer Assembly
Magnascope Magnetism
Mechanics Meteorological Instruments
Meter Brider Or Wheatstone Bridege Meter Scale
Micrometer Screw Gauge Micrometer Slide Comparator
Microprocessors Microprojector
Mirrors Miscellaneous Items
Models Belonging To Optical Section Nodal Slide Assembly
Ohms Law Apparatus & Resistance In Series And Parallel Optical Benches
Oscillators (Solid State) Over Head Projection Permanent Transparencies
Over Head Projector Overhead Projector Accessories
Panel Meters (Moving Coil Type) Photo Measuring Microscope
Pneumatics And Hydrostatics Polarimeters
Portable Kelvin Double Bridge Portable Wheatstone Bridge
Post Office Box Dial Pattern Post Office Box Plug Type
Potentiometer Dial Pattern Potentiometers (10-Wires)
Potentiometers (4-Wires & 6-Wires) Potentiometric Shunts
Precision D.C. Potentiometer & Vernier Potentiometer Precision Kelvin Double Bridge
Precision Optical Measuring Instruments Prisms And Slabs
Projection Screens Projector Slides/Transparencies (2"X2")
Range Of Balances Reading Telescopes
Rectangular Panel Meter (Model Dcf-80) Rectangular Panel Meter (Model Mr-100)
Rectangular Panel Meter (Model Mr-100) With Clear Transparent Acrylic Front Cover Refractometers & Compensator
Regulated Power Supplies Research Optical Bench
Resistance Boxes Resistance Coils
Rheostat Groove Type (Wound With Eureka Wire) Rheostat Groove Type (Wound With Kanthal / Nichrome Wire)
Searles Goniometer Slide Wire Rheostats
Slotted Weight Sockets
Solderless Bread Board Sound
Specific Gravity Apparatus Specimens For Density And Specific Gravity
Spectrometers Spherometers
Spot Reflecting Galvanometer Standard Accessories For Both Precision D.C. Potentiometer & Vernier Potentiometer
Stop Clocks And Watches Study Of A Basic Operation Amplifier
Study Of A Power Supply Solid-State Study Of An Intergrated Circuit Regulator
Study Of An Intergrated Circuit Timer Type 555 Surface Tension And Terminal Velocity
Terminals Thermometers
Ticker Tape Timer Tool Kits
Tool Maker Microscope Travelling Microscopes
Type 41 (Modified) Type 723
Universal Shunts Various Type Of Commonly Used Wires In Laboratory
Vernier Calipers Vernier Potentiometer
Vertical Readinglk Microscope Voltameters
Weight Boxes And Accessories

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