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Human Torso Human Heart

We are one of the prominent Biological Models Manufacturers based in India. In addition, we are the renowned Biological Models Exporters engaged in offering wide range of Physical Biological Models such as Human Torso, Models of Skeleton, Eye, Ear, Heart, Brain, Circulatory Organs, Digestive Organs, Teeth, Plants, etc. The products served by us are highly demanded in medical institutions, colleges, etc. Our Biological Models are perfect for studying and research work.

Human Physiology

Big Skeleton Chromosome of Man
D.N.A. Set Development of embryo in-9 type
Human Body (Torso) Human Baby with Pelvis
Human Blood Circulatory System Human Brain - 2 Parts
Human Brain - 4 Parts Human Digestive System
Human Dummy with Doll Human Ear
Human Ear Big Size Human Endocrine Glands Female
Human Endocrine Glands Male Human Eye - 7 Parts
Human Female Pelvic Large Size Human Heart - 2 Parts
Human Heart - 4 Parts Human Heart Big Size
Human Kidney on Stand Human Kidney with Bladder
Human Larynx Human Liver
Human liver on Board Human Liver on Stand
Human Lung, Human Excretory System Human Male Pelvic Large Size
Human Nervous System Human Nose
Human Reproductive Organs Female Human Reproductive Organs Male
Human Skeleton Model Human Skin
Human Skull Human Skull with Brain
Human Stomach Human Teeth
Human Teeth With Lower & Upper Jaw Human Tongue
Human Torso Female Human Torso Male
Human Trunk (Torso) On Board With Six Parts Human Uterus
Lungs With Heart large Size Muscular System
Normal Skeleton Place of Embryo in Uterus
R.N.A. Set Special. Skeleton
Urinary System

Zoology Models

Animal Cell Amecian Cow
Amoeba Bacteria
Budding in Hydra Budding in Yeast
Cockroach Digestive System Cockroach Dissection System
Cockroach Nervous System Cockroach Reproductive System Female
Cockroach Reproductive System Male Cockroach Respiratory System
Cow Buffalo Set of Six Desmids
Diatoms Earth Worm Dissection
Fish Dissection Freisian Shahiwal
Frog Arterial System Frog Brain
Frog Digestive System Frog Dissection
Frog Ear Frog Heart
Frog Reproductive System Female Frog Reproductive System Male
Frog Respiratory Frog Skin
Frog Venous System Gertrudis
Holestetin Hydra
Hydra L S Life History of Butter Fly
Life History of Frog Life History of Honey Bee
Life History of Mosquito Life History of Silk Moth
Life History of Silk Worm Meiosis (Animal Cell Division)1. Large Size and 2. Small Size, Euglena, Tape Worm
Murrah Buffalo Paramecium
Pathegenic Organisms Pigeon Dissection System
Rabbit Dissection System Rat Dissection System
Botany Models
Binary FissionBudding in Yeast
DrosseraGermination of Seed
II Mitosis (Cell Division) SmallIn 2 Disarticualted Parts
L.S. FlowerL.S. Ovary
Life Cycle of FungusMitosis (Cell Division) Large
Multiple FissionNerve Cell
Pitcher PlantPlant Cell
Self and Cross PollinationSpirogyra
StomataStructure of Chlydomonas
T.S Monocot RootT.S. Dicot Leaf
T.S. Dicot RootT.S. Dicot Stem
T.S. Monocot LeafT.S. Monocot Stem
Types of LeavesTypes of Roots
Types of StemsTypical Flower of Board
Xyrophytic Plants 18x24Yeast

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